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civil war quilt blocks
civil war quilt
confederate flag
harpers ferry west virginia
old abe civil war war hero wisconsin
John Brown's Raid on
Harpers Ferry West Virginia
Old Abe the War Eagle
graveyards of the civil war
susan b anthony
Graveyards of the Civil War
Susan B. Anthony
jefferson davis civil war
Jefferson Davis
texas civil war
oklahoma indian territory
Oklahoma "Indian" Territory
Illegal Whiskey
slavery civil war
Slavery of the Civil War
underground railroad michigan
Underground Railroad
slaves civil war
Arrow pointing to a
safe directions for Slaves
new hamphire old man in the mountain
New Hampshire
buffalo soliders civil war
Buffalo Soliders
civil war at sea
Civil War at Sea
untited states capitol Washington DC
United States Capitol Dome
Washington D.C.
harriet tubman
Harriet Tubman
united states flag
History of the
United States Flag
andersonville prison georgia
Andersonville Prison
ohio star quilt block
confederate flag
Confederate Stars and Bars
music civil war
Music of the Civil War
florida civil war
Bonnie Blue   Florida
battle of shiloh
Battle of Shiloh
florida civil war
illigel whiskey civil war
confederate flag
Confederate Flag
california gold rush
Gold Rush
nevada territory civil war
Nevada Territory
vicksburg mississippi
Vicksburg Mississippi
union hospital flag
montana territory
Union Hospital Flag
Montana Territory
conneticut civil war
pony express
Pony Express
wisconsin old abe war eagle
delaware civil war
Old Abe the War Eagle
battle of antietam
Battle of Antietam
Apache Indians
stratford hall robert e lee
Stratford Hall
oregon civil war
gettysburg pennsylvania
fort sumter south carolina
Fort Sumter South Carolina
arizona civil war
Arizona Territory
promontory summit utah
rhode island civil war
Promontory Summit Utah
Rhode Island
ulysses grant
Ulysses S. Grant
dakota civil war
Dakota Territory
abraham lincoln
Abraham Lincoln/Kentucky
Arizona Territory
new mexico civil war
New Mexico
thirteen admendment slaves
ladies aid society civil war
Thirteenth Amendment
Breaking the Chains of Slavery
Ladies Aid Society
battle of wilsons creek missouri
Battle of Wilson's Creek
new york civil war
New York
clara barton
Clara Barton
point lookout prison camp st mary's county maryland
Point Lookout Prison Camp
St. Mary's County Maryland
southern belle north carolina
Southern Belle
North Carolina
covered wagons
Covered Wagons
alabama cotton ball
civil war letters
Letters Home
encampment tent battle of fredericksburg virginia
Encampment Tent
Battle of FredericksburgVirginia
dear jane stickle in war time 1863 quilt
Field of Dreams from
Jane Stickles
"In War Time 1863" Quilt
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washington snowflake quilt block
Civil War Quilt Blocks
Click on images to read
the Signature Quilt Blocks
nifty fifty quilters of america
Civil War Quilt Block Swap  
Our quilting group swapped 6 inch quilt blocks that were uniquely designed to represent a state or a specific  
category during the time period of the Civil War.  Each quilter made a signature quilt square
to go along with their designed quilt block.  The signature square tells the history behind their state
or category from the Civil War.  Below are photos of each quilt block and their corresponding
signature square. Clicking on each of the quilt blocks will produce a larger image so you can
read the signature squares. We had 64 categories in this swap which include over thirty of
the States and Territories of that time period. Our group also made a quilt for charity to
benefit Breast Cancer Awareness and one which is to be donated to a Civil War
The original designs are protected by copyright. Please do not copy or
use them other than for inspiration. Relax, sit back and enjoy our quilters
creativity and appreciation of  the history behind each quilt block.

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enjoy, learn and have fun!!

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