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Nifty Fifty Quilters
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Click on the images to see photos of the wide selection of quilt blocks designed for these particular countries.
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Our page features the Twenty Plenty International Quilt Blocks from Around the World. Our quilters
swapped 9 inch pieced or appliqued quilt blocks. The very unique quilt block designs represent buildings,
animals, people and traditions from around the world.  Be sure to bookmark our page since there are 135
unique quilt blocks from over 50 different countries so it takes awhile to explore and enjoy them all. Most
of our quilt blocks are unique and were designedby the quilters. The original patterns are protected by
copyright. Please do not copy or usethem other than for inspiration. Sit back, relax, scan down our page
and click on each country to see photos of all the quilt blocks from that country.
Enjoy our quilters creativity and appreciation of  the history from around the world.
Italy Spain
France Germany
Portugal Luxembourg
Asia and Middle
Thailand Turkey
Kazakhstan Israel
India China Russia
Arizona Louisiana
New York California
Oregon Pennsylvania
Massachusetts Missouri
Virginia Washington DC
Egypt Nigeria
and Kenya
Hungary Austria
Belarus Moldova
Greece  Switzerland
Ireland Wales
Denmark Iceland  
Netherlands Holland
Norway Sweden Finland
Asia and Middle
Indonesia Singapore
Hong Kong Vietnam
Philippines Japan Korea
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