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Our Nifty Fifty groups did swaps on both the Civil War and Revolutionary War.  Each quilter designed their
own quilt block and made a signature square with a description of their design and the history behind it.
We had 33 categories in our Civil War Swap. The Revolutionary War Swap had 26 categories
which included the Thirteen Colonies
Quilt Block in a Forest
Green, Burgundy,
and  Cream Color Theme
Quilt Block in a  Forest
Green, Burgundy, Blue
and Cream Color Theme.

Quilt Block in a Blue
Plum and White
Color Theme
Quilt Block in a
Purple/Yellow/White Color Theme
Quilt Block in a
Cranberry, Blue, Hunter
Green, and Cream Color
Quilt Block in a Purple,
Black and White
Color Theme
Quilt Block in Blue, Teal
and White Color Theme
Quilt Block
in a Peach and Olive
Green Color Theme
Quilt Block in a
Americana Red, White
and Blue Color Theme
Quilt Block in a Maroon,
Hunter Green, Navy
and White Color Theme
Quilt Block in a
Batik,Bali, and Fossil
Fern Color Theme on
Black Background
Quilt Block in a
Cognac/Gold, Hunter
Green with secondary
colors of pale rose,blue,
and tan Color Theme
Quilt Block in a Black
and White
Color Theme
Quilt Block in a Glow in
the Dark Snowflake
Quilt Block in a State
Flower Theme
Redwork Quilt Block
in a Redwork Theme
Quilt Block  in a
Sunbonnet Sue

State Quilt Block from
Carol Doak's
50 Fabulous
Paper-Pieced Stars

Quilt Block in a 1930
Fabric Theme

Quilt Block in a 1930
Fabric Theme

Unique          Quilt Block in a
Patriotic Theme in Red, White and Blue
Includes the quilter's signature square in
Remembrance of September 11, 2001
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civil war betsy ross quilt block
civil war quilt block
Brenda's Wish Quilt
Quilt Block
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Admitted to the Union
in 1816 and was
the 19th State

State Capital

Government State Page


State Maps





State Music

Folklore Stories
The Heart of Dixie/The Yellowhammer State
Our page has photos of the quilt blocks that were uniquely designed or chosen to represent the
state of
Alabama in our Nifty Fifty Quilt Swaps.     Sit back, relax and browse through the
beautiful quilt blocks. Learn more about the state of
Alabama through our informative and
educational  links. Be sure to bookmark our pages and come back often to get inspiration from our
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Amish Quilt Blocks
Coming soon from the
Nifty Fifty Quilt Block
Amish Swap
Nifty Fifty 25
Quilt Block Coming Soon

Quilt Block
in a Batik
Accepting quilters on a
waiting list for our Nifty Fifty
30 Amish Swap.
Quilt Block Coming Soon
Nifty Fifty 14
Quilt Block Coming Soon
Nifty Fifty 16
This swap did Revolutionary
War Categories instead of States.
See  Educational Link Below
Nifty Fifty 21
This swap did Native American
categories instead of states.
Nifty Fifty 28
Album/Signature Block Swap
Coming Soon!!
Please do not copy or use the original quilt block patterns on our pages without our permission. They are here to  
preserve the history behind our 50 state quilt blocks swaps and we are sharing them  for inspiration to other
quilters. Please appreciate and enjoy our quilters creativity and the history behind each state quilt block.
Family Travel Page
Coming Soon
Visit our family travel
page which includes
information if traveling
Alabama from
National/State Parks,
Museums, Festivals
and Restaurants.  Even
a link to where the kids
can eat free!
Fun Facts
Coming Soon
Visit our page to see
the State Flag, Seal,
Quarter, Stamp,
License Plate and
some interesting,
unusual and fun
facts about the state
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alabama quilt block
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Coming Soon
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